5 Reasons to Invest in a 1921 Silver Dollar


1. Legal Tender In The USA- A 1921 silver dollar can be used as legal United States tender, and this use can be in any country that accepts American currency. Using these coins for currency can be a costly move because each one is valued anywhere from $25-$200 and only has a face value of $1. If currency is needed these silver dollar coins can be very handy and are very portable. Many coins weigh very little and can be carried in a small pocket.

2. Recognized Around The Globe- Silver dollars minted by the US Government are generally recognized around the world and in almost every country and area. This means that these coins are a global currency that can be used anywhere you go. In areas where US currency is not accepted these coins can be used in trade. The silver that the coins contain are traded on the world markets and this also improves the usefulness of silver dollars.

3. Investment Return- Investing in a 1921 silver dollar can be a very smart investment. This investment can provide a very nice return when the right coins are purchased at the right prices. When the proper research and coin comparisons are performed this will help you make better investment decisions and see better returns. Many investors have made a nice amount from silver coins.

4. Emergency Preparation- Silver dollar coins can be used in any type of emergency to pay for goods and services. If the government collapses, there is chaos on a global level, or even if martial law or rationing occurs then silver dollars will be a very useful form of currency. The US dollar could become worthless if any of these events occur, but silver dollars will still be accepted by almost everyone.

5. Never Completely Lose Value- A 1921 silver dollar will never completely lose value. If the numismatic value of the coin drops to $0 the coin will still retain the value of the silver bullion held in the coin. The reverse is also true. Even if the silver bullion price drops extremely low the coin will still be prized by collectors for the numismatic value.

The History of the 1921 Silver Dollar

The 1921 silver dollar has a very interesting history. This coin started out being produced using the previous Morgan design, named for the designer George T. Morgan. During WWI silver dollars were not produced on a mass scale and many of the previously minted coins had been melted down for various purposes. In 1921 production of the Morgan silver dollar was started and then stopped again.

When the Morgan dollar was stopped this coin was replaced by the Peace silver dollar.  Designed by Anthony de Francisci, this coin was the winning design of a competition to create a coin representing a symbol of peace. The was the last silver dollar coin to be struck in the United States that was made of pure silver.

Over time the number of coins that were available in each of the two designs for silver dollars in 1921 was greatly reduced. Most of these coin types are not rare by coin collector standards but they may require a little searching to find. As the availability of these coins declines the value of each coin left will increase. Many were used after 1935 during WWII, and some were melted down to make new coins later on.

Any defects caused by minting with a 1921 silver dollar can increase the value of the coin significantly. Most of these coins were minted in very good condition, with clear lines and crisp details. Most of the coins that are left will have some wear that is visible. The finish is usually dull, and the level of detail can range from mostly intact to all but invisible.

Silver dollars have been used in the past to store a commodity that could be used to barter, save, and provide emergency funds in any situation. This is still true today, and each of these coins can be worth much more than the $1 each coin represents as US legal tender. These coins have survived WWII and every other event since the minting year of 1921, so they are a valued part of history.

Today there are a number of reasons why a 1921 silver dollar may be purchased. These coins may be purchased for their silver content, their numismatic value, or as a way to prepare for any economic or social upheaval that may occur. Silver dollars are portable, retain value, and are in small units for bartering purposes.

Comparing the 1921 Silver Dollar Coins

Comparing 1921 silver coins means comparing silver dollars that were minted in this year from two different designs. In 1921 World War I was over and the Morgan silver dollar was minted for the last year. Many of the earlier Morgans were melted down to produce the new coins, so Morgan silver dollars before 1921 are less common. Peace silver dollars were first minted in 1921 as well, and this design continued for many years as the official design for the silver dollar coin.

Both types of silver dollar have a face value of $1 in legal currency, and they both contain 90% silver and are highly coveted by many individuals. Both types of coin design also have a very liquid position as an investment because selling these coins can be managed very quickly and easily. When it comes to value there is a big difference between the two designs though.

The Peace 1921 silver dollar is normally valued at between $80 and $200, when the coin has been in circulation and is considered to be in good condition for the age of the coin. The Morgan design for the same year will usually not be worth more than $30-$40 except in certain circumstances. This makes finding a Peace silver dollar from this year a better opportunity as long as the price is reasonable as far as many investors are concerned.

For some investors the Morgan silver dollar is a better option because this coin has a much lower price so it is a more affordable investment. If the price of silver continues to rise even the lower valued Morgan may become far more valuable based on the silver content of this coin alone. Each coin design may be the right choice in certain situations and for certain individuals.

Every 1921 silver dollar will have a numismatic and bullion value that is higher than the US currency value that the coin has. Coins that are rare will be priced higher and will see a higher demand, but even the most common silver dollar coins from this year can be a great investment opportunity for most people.

5 Reasons to Buy 1921 Silver Dollar Coins

1. More Affordable Than Gold- A 1921 silver dollar is much more affordable than the same weight in gold bullion. Gold prices have gone up so high that many investors have turned to silver instead. These silver dollars can be affordable on even the smallest budgets, with many coins typically costing around $30 for the most common design and lowest condition grading. The Peace design and Morgan design both have differing values, and the Peace design is the more valuable of the two designs.

2. Legal United States Currency- Silver dollars will always retain value as legal currency of the United states government. This means that even if silver bullion loses all value and these coins are no longer treasured the dollars can still be used as legal tender. This can be very beneficial in times of economic turmoil and social upheaval when the coins may be used to pay for goods and services.

3. Small Enough In Value For Bartering- The 1921 silver dollar is small enough in value to make an ideal bargaining unit. Gold coins may be much too large to cover basic necessities but silver dollars do not have this problem. They are low enough in value to be useful and they can easily be carried and transported in larger numbers without any difficulties.

4. Fast And Easy Liquidation- Silver dollar coins can be quickly liquidated if the need arises. With many investments if the underlying capital is needed immediately this can prove problematic. Sometimes investments may take days, weeks, or even longer to sell. With silver dollars there is always a market and demand for these coins so you can sell them in a very short time and without any hassles. As soon as you put the coins up for sale there will usually be a number of interested buyers.

5. Recognized Around The World- One of the biggest benefits of a 1921 silver dollar is the fact that these coins have global recognition. Silver has always been used through history as a form of currency, and these coins will be recognized almost anywhere in the world.

Which Design of the 1921 Silver Dollar Should You Choose?

Which design should you choose if you want to invest in a 1921 silver dollar? The silver dollars minted during this year include two separate designs, and each design will have a unique value. The designs available from 1921 are the Morgan silver dollar and the Peace silver dollar. Both designs are worth more than the $1 face value that each coin has, making them a good choice for anyone who wants to invest or enjoys collecting coins.

Both silver dollar designs are extremely popular and have a high level of demand. The Peace design is typically the more valuable of the two designs, while the Morgan silver dollars will usually be valued significantly lower. The choice of design for the coins chosen is a personal one. Peace dollars will be valued higher but they will also cost more to buy. Morgan dollars are worth less but they are also less expensive to purchase.

Any 1921 silver dollar can be a fantastic choice. Some of these coins may be found in mint condition and these may command a higher than average price due to the pristine condition. Choosing the Peace design may cost you more initially but the demand for these coins may continue to increase the value over time. Morgan dollars have a rich history in the USA and are always energetically sought by those who want to buy these coins.

The reason for your silver dollar purchase can also help determine which silver dollar to buy. If you have a coin collection then one design may be preferable over the other. If the goal is to invest in silver then either coin can be the right choice. Both designs are attractive, valuable, and easy to buy and sell. Choosing one is just a matter of determining which coin design fits your needs best.

Which design should you choose for the 1921 silver dollar? The answer will depend on the individual. Sometimes the Peace design may be preferable. In other situations the Morgan design may be the best choice. Sometimes neither coin may fit the investment criteria in a case and a different investment type should be chosen.

The 2 Designs of the 1921 Silver Dollar

1921 silver dollar coins can be found in two different designs, but it may take a careful eye to detect the differences between these two. In 1921 the Morgan silver dollar production stopped, and the silver dollar with the Peace design was started. As a result both designs were minted during this year and can be found for sale. Knowing the difference between both designs may take some research. The most visible difference and a way to quickly identify the design is to look at the eagle wings on the coin reverse.

Morgan silver dollars will have an eagle on the reverse that has open wings. The Peace design that started being used in 1921 showed the eagle with the wings folded in. The design of the coin can have a big effect on the value and price that the coin has. The Peace silver dollar from this year is worth much more than the Morgan design.

If the 1921 silver dollar has the Peace design then the value of the coin will be between $80 and $200 if the coin has been in circulation at all. The Morgan silver dollar is only valued at between $25 and $30 if the condition shows the coin was in circulation at any point. Any coin that has never been circulated and is still in mint condition may be worth much more than these amounts, while coins in very poor condition may be worth less.

The two distinct designs used for silver dollars minted in 1921 may cause a little confusion for those new to silver coins. Before investing in any coin or precious metal make sure to do the research carefully. Some unethical dealers may try to sell an inexperienced collector a Morgan silver dollar at the price of a Peace silver dollar.

A 1921 silver dollar can be a great choice or a big mistake, depending on the individual and the circumstances. For most individuals these coins are a terrific opportunity, but if the investor does not carefully calculate the risks involved then the best decision for the individual may not be made. In a few cases these coins may not be the right choice. Evaluate all the possible investments and then make a final decision.

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